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ONG & Support

List of NGOs that support us.



BioDynamie Services produces and sells Biodynamic Preparations, as well as a wide range of equipment and other products for use on Biodynamic farms, vineyards and gardens.


Vini, birre ribelliONG

Vini, birre ribelli

NGO promoting artisan winemakers Bio , bioD and natural wines since 2014 and bringing together around a living room in Brussels




diVi.Bio. is a set of biodynamic wine producers from different Italian regions ; The purpose of the association is to enhance and promote in Italy and abroad a genuine product and quality in order to increase social and economic development of this area rich in potential




Le Rouge & Le Blanc is a review driven by a COLLECTIVE : a diverse group consisting primarily of all fans - some, however, put their expertise at the service of business activity in the wine, but the collective nature of the process protects the conflict of interest - a group linked by a common project, for his taste wine and people who produce wine


In Vino VeritasPresse

Loire Vin BIO

Loire Vin BIO

association composée de 180 adhérents répartis en trois collèges: vignerons, metteurs en marché et distributeurs (ces deux derniers ont l'obligation de réaliser, au minimum, 50% de leur chiffre d'affaires en bio).


Vignaioli artigiani naturali

Vignaioli artigiani naturali

Vignaioli artigiani naturali

communauté internationale de vignerons se rassemblant autour d’évènements annuels à Londres, Berlin, New York et Los Angeles qui regroupent quelques 500 vignerons biologiques et biodynamiques ainsi que plusieurs milliers de professionnels et visiteurs venant du monde entier ;


Vignaioli artigiani naturali

Vignaioli artigiani naturali

groupement né en 1995 qui rassemble 135 domaines en France, Allemagne, Italie, Portugal et Suisse, pratiquant la culture biodynamique selon le cahier des charges du Syndicat International des Vignerons en Culture Biodynamique ;



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