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Liste des ONG qui nous supportent.

1 - Biodynamie-ServicesCompany


BioDynamie Services produces and sells Biodynamic Preparations, as well as a wide range of equipment and other products for use on Biodynamic farms, vineyards and gardens.


2 - Vini, birre ribelliONG

Vini, birre ribelli

NGO promoting artisan winemakers Bio , bioD and natural wines since 2014 and bringing together around a living room in Brussels


3 - diVi.Bio.ONG


diVi.Bio. is a set of biodynamic wine producers from different Italian regions ; The purpose of the association is to enhance and promote in Italy and abroad a genuine product and quality in order to increase social and economic development of this area rich in potential


4 - LeRouge&leBlancPresse


Le Rouge & Le Blanc is a review driven by a COLLECTIVE : a diverse group consisting primarily of all fans - some, however, put their expertise at the service of business activity in the wine, but the collective nature of the process protects the conflict of interest - a group linked by a common project, for his taste wine and people who produce wine


5 - In Vino VeritasPresse